Subversion, not just for programming

I’m an avid fan of version control system such as subversion and cvs; the ability to have every change you make to your files automatically backed up is… addictive.

Most developers keep their source code and resources in a repository of some sort, but I hypothosized that this mechanism would work equally well with any other type of data. I figured that if it keeps my code safe, why can’t it keep all my other documents safe too? Instead of making weekly/monthly backups, I just automatically backup everytime something is changed. In addition this repository would allow me to easily access the most recent version of each of my documents from anywhere.

I decided to try it out for a couple months to see how it worked. I merged my documents from all 3 of the computers that I regularly work on into one repository. This was simple enough. Before I started working each day, I would just pull an update from the repo, and each time I updated a file or added a new resource I made a commit and kept on working. Some added benefits from this repo is that there is now never any fear of deleting files or making large changes.

The only downside to this system is its lack of integration. Perhaps with some customization of tortoiseSVN and some extra scripts I could further simplify the process. Whatever the necessary steps are though, I have decided this is a worthwhile investment. As far as I know there is no commercial product that provides this functionality. It would be appealling to see a product that allows you to manage your documents on an individual basis all across your system; integrated seemlessly into the desktop.

I urge anyone thats experienced with VCSs to try this and see how it works for them.

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Some help

日本語の練習をしなければならないよ。 僕の日本語方はまだ上手じゃないけど、もう勉強してる。 もし英語を習いたくたら、何かをよんでもいいよ。 FirstとSecondがめっちゃ正しい英語だ。 本当に。 笑! 授業があるから、またね~!

I’m not gonna give an English translation this time! Bwahahaha. You should still check the two links though, as they will provide enlightenment, education, and… and… Well just do it or your mother will love you less!

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I have been searching for an exceptional way to study/practice my Japanese in the interim before going back, and had thusly briefly considered writing this post in its entirety in said language. Luckily for anyone reading this now, be you English or Japanese speakers, I regretfully came to a stunning loss for words. It appears they come and they go, and seem to be going more often than coming.

For a class I was once taking, I started reading a book entitled “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle,” and have since continued the reading of it. This in itself is no remarkable feat, I know, but the book itself is something I think most have sadly missed putting on their ‘to read’ list. For within this novel Murakami weaves an intricate and dream-like tale of a very ordinary man with nothing particularly wrong with him. This vague description might lead you to the thinking that it would be a boring and trite story, but nothing could be further from reality. As much as it must irritate, I’m finding myself disinclined to elaborate on the subtleties of this masterpiece, but I would nevertheless recommend it to anyone who finds the bazaar interesting.

“Attraction is the worst parts in you connecting with the worst parts in someone else.”

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