Subscribe to TV Shows Using Bittorrent and RSS

This post has both inspired me and given me great relief.  I’ve been searching the internet for some good progress in technology, and finally I have stumbled across it.  Two awesome little tools when hooked up allow you to find and keep up-to-date on all of your favorite tv shows.  Who needs DVR!?  With Democracy Player and finding and keeping up to date on your favorite tv shows is simple and automatic.  Step one, find the a feed on tvrss. Step two, enter that feed into Democracy Player and start the download.  Step three, enjoy your shows everyday!

UPDATE:  After playing with Democracy Player a bit I’ve found it does not manage torrents very well.  It is best to download torrents with something like utorrent (which will handle rss feeds nicely) and then watch them from some other program.  DP still provides access to tons of other quality content though.

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