Oklahoma City Gun Club Google Map

I recently visited the website for the Oklahoma City Gun Club and upon visiting the map section of the page realized they were using some “old tech” that was hardly descriptive enough. In order to even find out where the map was oriented, I first had to find a map with the roads on it. I decided this just would not do, so I created a new Google Maps version. Hopefully, this will replace the version on their website and people will have an easier time finding the place.

Just for good measure, here is the embedded version:

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YouTube, Google Video and more in WordPress

After being very irritated for some time at the lack of support for videos inside wordpress, I finally stumbled upon a plugin that makes it seamless. It supports YouTube, Google Video, IFilm, .mov, .mpg, and .wmv and it integrates it all right into the graphical editor. It allows you to post a movie to wordpress with just a single click. Viper007bond is a genius. Track down Video QuickTags over at geeklimit.

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New Google Talk features

It appears that there has recently been a leak of a new version of Google Talk.  This new version doesnt seem to have a lot of new features, which is probably why it isnt a public release.  The new version sports support for avatars and a little icon at the bottom that displays the number of unread emails you have.  This is kinda cool in itself, but I wish they would spend their time working on other things.

It seems I’m not the only one that thinks Google’s time could be better spent.  Some people at Festoon have released a plugin for gTalk that adds support for video chat.   And I’ve heard from over at Reseize.com that there is a company making a VOIP plugin called Talqer that allows you to make outgoing and incoming calls similar to Skype’s and Yahoo’s services, albiet at a cheaper rate.

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