Late-Binding Data for Ogre

The Feb ’05 edition of Game Developer Magazine had an article titled “Late-Binding Data” and described an extremely useful mechanism for automatically reloading data into a game engine dynamically when the data has been changed.  It detects when a file has been updated and repopulates the data throughout the system.  So, an image/model can be exported from some other program and the results will be immediately visible in the game. No reloading!

This sounds like a huge time saver in the long run, but right now its turning into a significant time sink.  I figure if this functionality would be useful in my personal project, it would likely be valuable to others as well, so I’m going to try to integrate it into Ogre.  Should also prove a useful exercise in using Ogre as well.

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My Article in the Oklahoman

Today, Adam Wilmoth of The Oklahoman did an article about me and getting into the game industry entitled “The job isn’t a game … it’s developing them.”

“The way I see it, on all real games, you’re trying to get across some idea,” Wynn said. “(Role Playing Games) try to get across various political struggles, or something philosophical. I think you’re always learning something in a game, even if it’s just combat and layouts.

“We’re just taking it a little bit further where the processes you’re learning in the game aren’t just applicable in the game. You can use them in real life.”

It’s always entertaining to have your opinions syndicated.

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Madden 2007 Sucks

Granted I’m not a huge fan of football video games, but this one really stinks. I’m not the type of person that would go out of his way to play one of these, much less spend money on one. I only have it because EA gave it to me for free.

As a video game itself, it falls short. The input is laggy, the menus are convoluted, and the gameplay could use some work. The only things that really seemed polished are the character animation and sound, but even some of the sounds seem out of place. If this is really the result of about 8 years/iterations of these games, I’m really quite puzzled by both the fact that it continues to sell and the fact that EA managed to get exclusive rights with it.

On a scale of 1 to 10, including gameplay and polish, I would give this game perhaps a Suck minus.

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Game Developer’s Conference 2007, recap

So, I attended the Game Developer’s Conference 2007 in San Fransisco. Was a rather good time. Hanging out with tons of people who love making games, playing games, and drinking. It hadn’t occurred to me that game developers would be notorious binge drinkers, but it really makes since after some thinking. After all the sessions ended, if everyone didn’t go to an after-party to get smashed on free booze, we just wandered around the expo center and pillaged the free beer from the studios/vendors.  A good time was had by all.

I shook the hand of the man who invented Tetris, saw Shigeru Miyamoto talk about Mario, and Eiji Aonuma talk about Zelda (both of these talks were nothing less than spectacular), and met the directors/developers of many studios who make some of my favorite games.  Most of the vendors/studios were giving out tons of swag; picked up numerous t-shirts, mugs, stickers, etc.  One of the things I got was a free copy of Madden 2007, which I will rant about later.

After talking to many recruiters and other developers I’m feeling much more marketable now.  Not necessarily in comparison to them, but in comparison to what they are looking for.  It really puts the industry in to a slightly more friendly and tractable perspective.

In short, the conference was an absolute blast. Will definitely have to make it a habit.

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