Junkster Wing, more than a Space FPS

I’ve been working hard on a game project for several months now and after much insight gained during GDC 2011 I’ve decided its time to get it out there. Junkster Wing is a Space FPS with some interesting RTS elements. Its still in its early stages, but is quite playable already! I will be posting development screen shots, videos, and alpha builds on its official website http://junksterwing.com

Anyone that has been following the development will know that Junkster Wing used to be called Supernova Outlaws, but over the last few months the direction has been changing and pushing in a more unique direction. The old moniker just didn’t really carry the descriptive vibe the game deserved. I think the new name gives a good feeling of what the game will ultimately be about.

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Demoing Mind Control Game Controller for Fox

Recently the local Fox affiliat approached me about helping with an article about the new game controllers that use mind control.  The device we reviewed is the Neural Impulse Actuator or NIA by OCZ Technology.  It works by sensing the electrical signals given off by your brain and facial muscles.  Its a fantastic piece of technology, though rough around the corners, and I think in another couple of years we may see wide spread use of such devices.

Cool though they may be, I don’t see technology like this replacing current mainstays like the joystick and keyboard/mouse. More likely, they will fall into the “add on” category like the gaming keypads and 6 button mice. 

That said, it is truely a piece of interesting technology and I look forward to playing with them in the future.

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Crayon Physics – Independent Game Festival winner 2008

A friend sent me a link to what is easily one of the coolest game ideas I’ve seen in a long time.  You can always count on the IGF winners to show you something new and fun.  Last year’s IGF Grand Prize Winner was a little game called Crayon Physics.  All the graphics are rendered in a very hand-drawn crayon style, and the game play is driven entirely by drawing similar crayon images.  It’s a puzzle game where you must move a little red ball to catch a star, but the only tools you have are those which you’ve drawn.  Check it out.

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XBox 360 Development with XNA

Not that its news, but XNA along with a membership to the XNA Creators Club allows developers to create games in a unified system for both Windows and XBox 360. Although XNA uses C#, which I personally had reservations against, it is actually quite easy to develop on and even fun to use. XNA has now abated these reservations about C# and has persuaded me to try to port my project to the 360.

With sound, networking, a solid widely used gamepad interface, and excellent graphics capabilities the XNA platform seems ideal for small games development. The only reservations still present are against the relative immaturity of the community (as opposed to Ogre‘s which is superb) and the lack of distribution mechanisms. The distribution problem is slated to be resolved with a rating system within the developer community, but this just comes back to the other problem.

There is, still, a significant amount of community generated content for learning and using XNA, but I worry about the platform if it does not attract a higher concentration of mature developers. We shall see.

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