Americans Dumber than Ever

VDare has an article giving yet more exposure to what many have already noticed, but too few have tried to do anything about. Public education is a farce, and the industry knows it.  Test scores are falling, standards are sinking, and the budget is increasing. It’s obvious that the current measures being taken by the DoE are inadequate if not malformed. If raising standards for students and giving more money to teachers is not fixing the problem, perhaps we should try raising the standards for teachers.

Force teachers to compete for their salaries; their pay would be based directly on the success of their students. If only 10% of their students are proficient in the requisite material, then the teacher makes less than a burger flipper, but can climb to higher paying salaries by improving their students’ performance. Many schools already participate in a testing system, why not use this as the basis for their funding?

Education NEEDS to be competitive, our educational standards are embarrassingly low internationally. If future generations are really going to clean up all the mess that the current are creating they need to be as well educated as possible, else we are all of us doomed.

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