GNU Patch in Windows 7 or Vista

I just had a little fight with Windows 7 about permissions. It seems that it demands that any executable with the word “patch” in the name must be run with administrative privileges. After fighting with it for a few minutes about the absurdity of the problem, I resorted to a simple hack.

  1. Rename patch.exe to patsh.exe.
  2. Then create patch.bat in the same directory containing the following command:
    @patsh.exe %*

You will never notice a difference, and Windows 7 can go politely F*** itself.

4 thoughts on “GNU Patch in Windows 7 or Vista

  1. daneil say:

    thanks so much for that

  2. Waylon Flinn say:

    That is the most ridiculous piece of nonsense I have ever seen labeled as security.

  3. Tim say:

    That explains… Found it so weird that every ‘patch’ that I found for windows required administrator privileges.

  4. VeikkoW say:

    Even though I din’t believed it in the first place – I can confirm that any executable, even patchtool.exe will require admistrative privileges and a [OK] confirmation

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