Demoing Mind Control Game Controller for Fox

Recently the local Fox affiliat approached me about helping with an article about the new game controllers that use mind control.  The device we reviewed is the Neural Impulse Actuator or NIA by OCZ Technology.  It works by sensing the electrical signals given off by your brain and facial muscles.  Its a fantastic piece of technology, though rough around the corners, and I think in another couple of years we may see wide spread use of such devices.

Cool though they may be, I don’t see technology like this replacing current mainstays like the joystick and keyboard/mouse. More likely, they will fall into the “add on” category like the gaming keypads and 6 button mice. 

That said, it is truely a piece of interesting technology and I look forward to playing with them in the future.

One thought on “Demoing Mind Control Game Controller for Fox

  1. ajs15822 say:

    Very cool device! Even cooler that you got a chance to try it out for the local news, grats!

    I can’t wait until the sensitivity and signal processing algorithms of this sort of technology improves to the point that we can truly interface intuitively with applications– until then, I’m sticking with my mouse. 😉

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