Some help

日本語の練習をしなければならないよ。 僕の日本語方はまだ上手じゃないけど、もう勉強してる。 もし英語を習いたくたら、何かをよんでもいいよ。 FirstとSecondがめっちゃ正しい英語だ。 本当に。 笑! 授業があるから、またね~!

I’m not gonna give an English translation this time! Bwahahaha. You should still check the two links though, as they will provide enlightenment, education, and… and… Well just do it or your mother will love you less!

2 thoughts on “Some help

  1. James,

    you are the greatest!!! ^_^ oh and you need to join the Bilge Pumps Bulletin Board. i think you’d have fun with it.

    -Da Monkey
    (Guaranteed to Rock YO SoX OfF!)

  2. Monkey say:

    Oh the website is just click on the bullitin board icon. and create a profile.

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