Game Developer’s Conference 2007, recap

So, I attended the Game Developer’s Conference 2007 in San Fransisco. Was a rather good time. Hanging out with tons of people who love making games, playing games, and drinking. It hadn’t occurred to me that game developers would be notorious binge drinkers, but it really makes since after some thinking. After all the sessions ended, if everyone didn’t go to an after-party to get smashed on free booze, we just wandered around the expo center and pillaged the free beer from the studios/vendors.  A good time was had by all.

I shook the hand of the man who invented Tetris, saw Shigeru Miyamoto talk about Mario, and Eiji Aonuma talk about Zelda (both of these talks were nothing less than spectacular), and met the directors/developers of many studios who make some of my favorite games.  Most of the vendors/studios were giving out tons of swag; picked up numerous t-shirts, mugs, stickers, etc.  One of the things I got was a free copy of Madden 2007, which I will rant about later.

After talking to many recruiters and other developers I’m feeling much more marketable now.  Not necessarily in comparison to them, but in comparison to what they are looking for.  It really puts the industry in to a slightly more friendly and tractable perspective.

In short, the conference was an absolute blast. Will definitely have to make it a habit.

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Penthouse Views and Broken Fingers

I seem to have the worst luck with injuries. Anytime I have one, I never do it the easy way. We were playing catch and I catch a ball wrong and stub my finger. Not so serious I figured, I’ve done it dozens of times. We tried pulling on it and messing with it and eventually iced it and left it alone. But eventually I went to the hospital cuz it looked a little funny, and I could only move the tip in one direction.

So yeah, its broken. And as I said, I never do anything the easy way. Turns out the area of the bone where the tendons connect broke off. The tendon is fine, the bone is just screwed. Well, actually its about to get screwed. Or more acurately pinned. Two pins to be precise. I go in on monday for the surgery. Really I should count myself lucky; I’m getting to see a rare side of Japan (the inside of a hospital) and its considerably more cheap than getting it done at home. Socialized health care is awesome. I’m definitely a fan now. Six X-Rays and all my lab work cost me LESS than $90, and the surgery is only going to cost about ï¿¥15000, which is around $135. A small fraction of what it would most likely cost in the states.

As for Penthouse Views, some friends and I went down to Osaka to party at the top of the Hilton. A nice buffet of gormet cakes and other various desserts accompanied by one of the best views in Osaka. Some of the best cake I have ever had; they even had Sakura Cheesecake. Once I gather the pictures I will post them.

“When a man cries, he cries alone, but when he laughs, the world laughs with him.” – Oldboy

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Perhaps the adage is right

I’ve been playing with lots of newer technology lately and I’ve been trying to update my blog in doing so.  First I added tag support, this required me moving away from blogger, which wasnt a huge issue for me.  Then I started adding more media content, videos and pictures, and music.  I started thinking about all the other things to incorporate: tag-clouds, technorati links, integration, playlist display.  Now the site is starting to get cluttered and gross though.  Perhaps thats why it hasn’t been posted to in a while.

Something must be done.  SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.  Oh the humanity.

“Does the noise in my head bother you?” – The Gods Must Be Crazy

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I’ve had strange dreams before, but I had one last night that I thought was particularly interesting.  What does it mean when you are playing poker with your doppleganger?  I’ve never even heard of such a dream, not that I am one who reads about dreams and such.  Weird shit though.  Can’t recall whether I was winning or losing, but given my lack of skill at poker I can’t say I feel confident that I was doing well.

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