FileWatcher becomes SimpleFileWatcher

I finally got around to doing a little more work on FileWatcher and decided it needed an official home.  Then comes the compoundingly obvious problem of giving a product such a generic title.  Sure FileWatcher fits the purpose, but there are about 1.5 billion other projects/products with the same title.  So the new title is SimpleFileWatcher, and with that comes two new features for users of SimpleFileWatcher.  SFW is now under the MIT License, so no worries about using the code in commercial products.  And secondly, it is hosted on Google Code.


And the new release:

SimpleFileWatcher v.2009.05.14

One thought on “FileWatcher becomes SimpleFileWatcher

  1. mike panero say:

    On the subject of SFW, has anyone used it in the form of a service.
    By that I mean a service/demon running in the background, looking at a list of directories & then starting, if needs be, which ever program needs to know.
    e.g. you media centre prog. has a directory where you store all your mp3, but whilst not listening to music you start futzing around & move it somewhere
    This would cause the said media centre prog. to start & either update its location or ask you to stop futzing, what ever

    I would assume there is so limit to how many directories could be monitored without impacting the performance of the whole machine but I suspect it could still be useful

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