Americans Love Being Fat

For far too long American’s have been obese. In fact, until recently, America was the #1 fattest country in the world. In a culture that should be enlightened enough to realize that girth does not equate to wealth, it seems that people still think that “being heavy” is acceptable, if not a little desirable. Numerous times, people have said to me, “You’re too skinny” or “Eat a hamburger!” Yet, I am still technically over weight!

Our culture has BRAINWASHED itself into thinking that BEING FAT is NORMAL! Does this make any sense? Fat people have shorter lives, suffer poorer health, and have less energy than do people in good condition. Why would anyone accept a lesser life when presented with opportunity to be healthy? Several explanations jump to mind: laziness, apathy, masochism. Unless they have a serious issue that is effecting their health in general, there is absolutely no reason for this. And no obesity is not some sort of disability. If it is, its only on so much as stupidity.

Many of the few that actually realize that their state is not optimal, nor desirable choose to try to better themselves, however pitifully it is. Not all, but many seem to just not realize how the body works. They think just by eating less, or eating almost an arbitrary selection of food will help them lose weight. This might work for a lucky few, and by “lucky few” I mean about 0.0001% of those who try, which effectively makes it an urban legend. The real key here is to actually exercise. I’m not referring to the TV gimmicks of dancing around with some strange contraption for 20 minutes a day. No, actual exercise. Running, biking, swimming, jumping rope. And do it for at least 1 to 2 hours per day. Drastic? No. How much TV does the average American watch per day? Probably more than 1 to 2 hours, during which time they are likely getting fatter.

Another issue that is holding back our sad and inept fellow Americans is the bureaucracy. This isn’t an attack on corporate America. Its an attack on human nature, because bureaucracy is an extension of human nature. Companies put all sorts of unhealthy material in food: high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, trans-fats, etc. They put these in there for two reasons. One, its cheaper. It saves them money so they can put out more product and gain more profit. There is nothing wrong with this, its the way capitalism works. Deal with it. Two, it makes the consumer want the unhealthy product more. The problems with this are so obvious they hardly need to be pointed out. The real problem is when these companies push to make these chemicals legal. High fructose corn syrup for example is the sweetener in almost 90% of the food the average American consumes. This chemical is little used outside of America because of the health hazard that it creates. There are actually healthy alternatives to HFCS that are used throughout the world, but are illegal in the US. The FDA banned them for being hazardous in spite of the fact that there were no documented health risks. The reasons, presumably are to protect corn farmers and keep money in the US. This seems to fall outside of the FDA’s jurisdiction. And the most important reason: HFCS suppresses the bodies natural ability to feel satiated after eating. It inhibits the stomach and convinces the brain to keep eating. Rampant consumerism is the answer.

In recap, most fat people are brainwashed victims of their own stupidity and need to read some information about health, look at the outside world, stop eating fast food, and above all else turn off the TV and exercise.

3 thoughts on “Americans Love Being Fat

  1. killa say:

    i’m offended by this post, fat people have feelings too. Fat guy in a little coat anyone?

  2. kyle say:

    I would definitely say our society does not find fatness acceptable despite the large number of obese and overweight people in our nation. So many Americans try not to be fat and spend way to much money trying to lose the weight. As a fat guy I can say that I don’t want to lose weight because there are many advantages to embracing the paunch. Let’s look at them.

    1. Eat whatever I want.
    Since I’m already a fat guy, I don’t need to worry about every calorie I consume, I don’t need to “watch what I eat” or anything like that. I want ice cream, I get ice cream. I want pizza, I get pizza. Hey, even if I want McDonald’s I get McDonald’s! And I like to eat for the taste, I like to eat for the sake of eating, and, I like the feeling of being full. So there is one reason being a fat dude really is awesome.

    2. Physical activity?
    Since I chose the fatass lifestyle, I really don’t need to worry about excersize, because 2 hours of excersize is two hours two many, it’s two hours I could spend doing all kinds of other stuff, and fat guys don’t just watch TV. I could be doing something productive or social. I could be catching up on my work, or studying something I express interest in. So there’s an other reason.

    3. The fun of it
    Skinny people may never understand this, but I love being the fat guy. I love having all my friends make fun of me (in a friendly way of course) and I love being able to make jokes about my weight. Being the fat guy is fun. Also maybe this is just me, but fat is a very amusing substance, it’s bouncy, jiggly and often something I turn to for entertainment when I’m bored. Trust me, being fat isn’t all that bad.

    The things people worry about.
    1. Health. Yes, I know it’s not as healthy being fat. But I’m not obese, and I don’t feel sick all the time and studies show that it really only lowers you life by an average of 7 years if your obese, I’m not obese I’m overweight. I don’t think the health risks of being overweight are anything to worry about too much. this is just paranoia that devastates our nation.
    2. Girls. A lot of people think fat guys can’t get girls, but this isn’t true. I have never had trouble getting a girl because of my weight, confidence will make weight not matter

    So there I’m fat, I’m going to be fat, and I’m going to like it.
    What’re you going to do about it?

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