Baptists are pessimists; the world is good, and getting better

I had a run in with a Baptist guy today, and although he was generally a nice guy, his outlook on the world is a bit concerning. Whats worse is that, to my understanding, this is the general outlook of Baptists. If I’m wrong then by all means help me illuminate the topic, but he was convinced that the world was a terrible place, that we are all damned to eternal torment, and are beset by evil forces unless we follow their Christian savior. I’m sure you know to whom I’m referring. He proceeded to explain that they are being judged by a higher power that is rational and reasonable, yet holds its followers to a standard of perfection.

It seems that when these people are trying to show you their faith they always relay their entire life story. I patiently waited and listened, hoping that something here would help explain why someone would choose to hold such a dismal world view. Drugs, womanizing, and abuse were what drove him to such a place. He spoke of demons and gods speaking to him and how he now has forged a personal relationship with the Christian god, who now speaks to him. I’m not judging, but it seems like a more difficult path to take than to just turn yourself around. But everyone needs a unique combination of answers.

Despite all the media coverage of the wars and conflicts in the various areas of the world, I still really believe that the world is generally a good place. I don’t think we require divine intervention, or any sort of savior. The state of the world is constantly improving. Change takes time, and changing people takes longer, but the world IS getting better, NOT worse. Look for it. Really look for it, and you will find it.

Apologies to anyone who got a ‘preachy’ or ‘self-help’ vibe from this. I did.

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  1. David Walters say:

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