PraiseMoves – The Christian Alternative to Yoga!

PraiseMoves has got to be the most retarded thing I’ve seen in a long time. People were afraid that the moves and meditations learned in yoga lure you away from the Christian god and open you up to be seized by the devil. I’m by no means a yoga master, nor really even a yoga novice. I can’t even state that I’m particularly well versed in the Christian bible, but I CAN tell the difference between reasoning and rhetoric. This “Christian Alternative” is a charlatan’s wet dream. She prays on the blind paranoia that plagues many of the young and uneducated, and the old and feeble. The reasoning will take a bit of distorted fact about yoga, quote a bit of scripture and misinterpret (or interpret with much creative license) to contort people minds into thinking this is an appropriate course of action.

Next I’m afraid she is going to try to separate Tai Chi from the Tao. I can see it: “Turn away from the Tao, for that which is unknowable is inherently evil! Tai Chi’s forms mimic congress with the devil! Flowing in harmony with the world is not following Jesus!”

I want to say that this sort of behavior makes me sad, but from a different angle I have to appreciate her entrepreneurship. She sees a demand that people dont even know they have, and develops a product that exploits it. This succeeds for the same reasons preachers in metropolitan areas have huge houses. In this she almost swindles some respect from me. Perhaps I should drop into the religious racket? Write some religious fiction, or perhaps buy an old Food 4 Less and jump into the Wholesale Jesus business.

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