Do you remember how some of those old 386 computers had a turbo button on the front, and sometimes while propping your feet up on them you might hit it and then the machine would just be running slow and you couldnt figure out why? Well I think today my brain is doing that. Only the problem is that I have no clue where that damned turbo button is… perhaps I shouldnt have gotten out of bed or somethin…. or maybe I just shouldnt have gone to sleep.

I’ve tried all sorts of stuff to try to right my brain this morning: talking to people on the net, talking to roommates, eating breakfast, drinking lots of coffee, didnt try jumping jacks, but I did briefly think about it, a hot shower didnt help either. Its like half of my brain is tied up thinking about something really really hard and Im not sure what it is. Its happened before with mixed results, but its always very annoying while its going on. Lets hope its some sort of brilliance unparalleled by man. Or maybe I shouldnt get my hopes up. *shrug*

Incidentally I took a couple online quizzes just to try to get the brain going again, one of them told me my personality is that of Hitler. Didnt exactly help my situation.

And now a pill of wisdom from my currently befuddled brain:
“Never make assumptions. Be impeccable with your word. Never take anything personal. Take death as your advisor.” — Don Miguel Ruiz (The 4 Agreements)

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